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Journal Source Gathering

The purpose of this guide is to help senior and junior journal staff members through the source gathering process. This guide covers the most reliable sources for some of the most used items found on subscription databases and on the Internet.

Finding Legislative Documents

Links for Federal Legislative Materials - databases with more comprehensive coverage


Specific Legislative History document types:


Congressional Reports, Documents and Prints

Congressional Record (contains Congressional debates)

Federal:   H.R.*= House Bill  (*do not confuse with House Report-H.Rpt.)
                 S.=Senate Bill
                       example: H.R. 1 or S.1
N.Y.:  AB=Assembly Bill
          S.= Senate Bill


Federal:  H.Hrg=House Hearing
               S.Hrg=Senate Hearing
example: S.Hrg 108-383 or H.Hrg 108-383


Committee Reports 
Federal:  H.Rpt= House Report*   (*do not confuse with HR which is for House bill)
               S.Rpt=Senate Report
example: H.Rpt 111-299 or S.Rpt 110-470
Debates :  
Federal:  CR or Cong.Rec=Congressional Record


bill goes through process in other chamber.


Conference Report

Federal:  H.Rpt, H.Conf.Rpt=House Conference Report (may be same as for House Report)

               S.Rpt=Senate Conference Report (same as for Senate Report)

example: H.Rpt 111-89


Federal:  Presidential Signing Statement

WCPD=Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

DCPD=Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents

NY:  Governor's Memorandum in Support


Federal:  Public Law
P.L.=Public Law
 example: P.L. 111-148
N.Y.: Chapter Law
c or ch = Chapter
 example: c. 428 ; Ch. 428

See Bluebook Rule 13 for citing rules.