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Journal Source Gathering

The purpose of this guide is to help senior and junior journal staff members through the source gathering process. This guide covers the most reliable sources for some of the most used items found on subscription databases and on the Internet.

Finding Statutes and Regulations

Federal Statutes

When citing to the United States Code, first find your statute on Westlaw or Lexis and determine date(s) for any amendments.  Main editions of the U.S.C are published every six years with annual cumulative supplements published in between editions.  If your statute was amended after the last published Supplement, cite to the United States Code Annotated, Westlaw or Lexis because the U.S.C. is not up to date.  Note that because U.S.C. supplements are cumulative, you only need to look in the latest Supplement.

Federal Regulations

State Statutes

State statue source gathering check list (including superseded):

1. The Library these states' statutes in print -  NY, NJ, and CA.   If you are looking for one of these  states  go to the state room (call numbers begin with KFC - KFT) or ask for help in finding this location.  NY statutes are in the reading room (black "McKinney's" volumes).

2.  If you state is not in Step 1, then check the Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act (UELMA - link below).  The UELMA  creates standards for authenticating and preserving digital legal documents, such as official statutes, codes, regulations and decisions – the state you are looking for  may have adopted the UELMA.  If the state adopted UELMA, go to the state's website.  

3. For the remaining states (not in print in the Library and has not adopted the UELMA), go to either Lexis, Westlaw, or the state’s website.  Check with your editors for your journal's policy on this.

4. For superseded statues of all states, check Discovery for the microfiche cabinet/Lextriever location for the state you are looking for (if we have the year).

  • Microfiche cabinets and Lexitriever are located in the periodicals room.
  • Lexis and Westlaw may have superseded statutes

5. Except in very extraordinary circumstance, we will NOT ILL any state statutes for the journals.

State Regulations