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Tax Research

Use this guide as an introduction to researching federal tax questions, for tax policy research and for finding IRS documents and other tax-related materials.

Steps for Locating known articles

Links for the steps below are in the boxes to the right and below.

1.  Search Discovery for the article title using the Articles tab.  If you do not find the article title, try searching the journal title using the Journals tab.  This will locate both online and print versions of the journal,  if available at Hofstra.

2.  If you do not find the article in step 1, for law review and other legal articles check:

3.  If not available in Hofstra databases, try a Google or Google Scholar search (or other web search engine) for the article title.  You might also want to search for the journal name to see if they make an archive available.  If the journal is published by a University, try the University's web site and look for an "Institutional Repository" or archive of publications.

4. If not available at Hofstra online or in print (see step 1), check with a librarian about whether you should request an inter-library loan.

Google Scholar search

Google Scholar Search

Google Search

Try a Google search for either the article title OR the journal.  Some journals post current or past articles in their archives.  Also look for a University's "Institutional Repository"  or archive.

Google Web Search