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Paper Writing Resources

A guide to techniques and databases at Hofstra Law Library for writing scholarly papers for class or a Note

Steps for Locating known articles

Links for the steps below are in the boxes to the right and below.

1.  For law review and other legal articles

  • In Lexis Advance, Westlaw Edge or Bloomberg Law, copy and paste either the citation or  the ARTICLE title into search box.  You may then need to use filters/tabs to narrow to Secondary materials or  law reviews  
  • If not available on Lexis, Westlaw or Bloomberg Law (or if the article has a chart, table or other graphic), try the Citation Navigator in HeinOnline at right.

2.  For non-legal articles, copy and paste the JOURNAL title into WorldCat Discovery.  This may work for some legal articles also.

3.  If not available in Hofstra databases, try a Google Scholar or Google search (or other web search engine) for the article title (see boxes, below).  You might also want to search for the journal to see if they make an archive available.  If the journal is published by a University, try the University's web site and look for an "Institutional Repository" or archive of publications.

4.  Search Hofstra's Library catalog (scroll down at right) for the JOURNAL title .

5. Request an inter-library loan.

Google Scholar search

Google Scholar Search

Google Search

Try a Google search for either the article title OR the journal.  Some journals post current or past articles in their archives.  Also look for a University's "Institutional Repository"  or archive.

Google Web Search

Finding known article on HeinOnline (in pdf)

Use HeinOnline's Citation Navigator below to locate articles with a known citation.  HeinOnline is useful especially for older law review articles or law review articles with charts or images. 

(Access limited to Hofstra University community)

Search Law Journal Library by Citation


Finding Full Text of known articles in other Hofstra databases

When you have a title and citation to an article try:

WorldCat Discovery - search for journals at Hofstra

Type in JOURNAL title (not article title) to locate print copy at Hofstra.

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