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LGBTQIA+ Legal Research

A research guide to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender & other related issues.

The Purpose of this Guide

The purpose of this guide is to identify some of the intersections of LGBT persons and the law, and how to begin legal research on these issues. The focus is on materials and resources available through the Law Library.

Plan Your Research

Before you start think about and clearly identify the purpose of your research.  Some questions to consider:

How much do you know about your research issue?

Do you want an overview of LGBT and legal issues? or

Do you have a specific legal issue?

What resources do you have available?

What is the outcome of your research (examples: 30 page paper, legal memo, letter)?



Think about your Keywords or Index Terms.

For example, this guide is named LGBTQIA+ but GLBT & LGBTQ are also correct acronyms.

Suggestions for other keywords: 

Homophobia | Homosexual | Gay | Gay Rights | Lesbian | Queer | Queer Theory | Same-sex

Bisexuals | CIS | Gender Identity | Inter sexuality | Sex Role | Sexual Orientation | Transsexual 

Transgender | Transsexual | Transvestite                  




Select Legal Issues

Civil Rights and Discrimination: bullying, denial of service, exclusion

Labor/Employment Law

Family Law:  marriage, divorce, adoption and child custody

Foreign and International Law: treatment in other countries, treaty compliance.

Health Law:  treatment of medical needs, right of visitation.

Emigration and Immigration

These issues interconnect so you may want to look in more than one.  Example, employment discrimination or health / family law.

LGBT Guides / Pathfinders


This guide was created by Errol A. Adams J.D., M.L.S. and is currently updated & maintained by Hofstra Law Library reference librarians.