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Government Information: Finding Documents--General Tips

A law-oriented guide to public information provided by the U.S. federal government

CGP: Catalog of Government Publications

    Use the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) to identify federal publications.

    When you find a title of interest, click the Locate in a Library link near the bottom of the individual title's record to determine whether the Hofstra Law Library selects the publication for its depository. Then, check Lexicat for the Law Library call number and location, or ask for assistance at the Reference or Circulation Desks.

    Note that the CGP is not comprehensive for pre-1976 government publications. These older publications may be identified by using WorldCat.

    To identify older documents, see also the Checklist of United States Public Documents, 1789-1909. (Compiled by Carlos Diaz)

    Archived Documents on the Web

    For documents of defunct agencies, or for documents removed from Web sites, try the following sites.