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Study Guides: Guides by Series

This is a list of Study Guides for preparing for law school exams that are available at the Law Library.

Study Guides By Series

This page lists Study Guides organized by series.  The available series are linked below.

Do you want a study aid that will help you review and understand your topic, or do you need to review practice exam questions?  Use this chart to help select an appropriate study aid series.

ABCs of the UCC

ABCs of the UCC series available on Bloomberg Law.  (login required - Hofstra Law only)

  • ABCs of the UCC, Article 1, General Provisions, by  Scott J. Burnham  (Reserve KF890.Z95 M554 2013)
  • ABCs of the UCC, Article 2, Sales, by Henry D. Gabriel (Reserve KF915 .G33 2013)
  • ABCs of the UCC, amended Article 2a, Leases, by  Amelia H. Boss, Stephen T. Whelan ( Reserve: KF593.C6 B67 2013 
  •  ABCs of the UCC, Article 3, Negotiable Instruments, Article 4, Bank Deposits and Collections, by Stephen C. Veltri (Reserve KF957.V44 2015)
  •  ABCS of the UCC, Article 4A, Funds Transfers, by Thomas C. Baxter, Jr., Stephanie A. Heller, Paul S. Turner (Reserve KF1030.E4 B29 2014)
  •  ABCs of the UCC, Article 5, Letters of Credit,  by James G. Barnes, James E. Bryne, Amelia Boss (Reserve KF1028.Z95 B37 1998)

  •  ABCs of the UCC, (Revised) Article 7, Documents of Title, by Linda J. Rusch (Reserve KF924.Z9 R87 2014)

  •  ABCs of the UCC, Article 8, Investment Securities, by Carl S. Bjerre, Sand M. Rocks (Reserve KF1070.Z95 R63 2014)
  •  ABCs of the UCC, Article 9 Secured Transactions, by Russell A. Hakes (Reserve KF1050.Z9 H355 2013)
  •  ABCs of the UCC, Related Insolvency Law, by Fred H. Miller,  Alvin C. Harrell (Reserve KF1526 .M55 2006)
  •  ABCs of the UCC, Related and Supplementary Consumer Law, by Fred H. Miller, John D. Lackey (Reserve KF1609 .M55 2004)

Acing series

  • Acing Business Associations :a checklist approach to business associations by Michael A. Chasalow  (Reserve KF1414.85 .C48 2016)  
  • Acing Civil Procedure :a checklist approach to solving procedural problems by Benjamin Spencer  (Reserve KF8841 .S654 2019 )

  • Acing Constitutional Law :a checklist approach to constitutional law by Russell L. Weaver  (Reserve KF4550.Z9 A28 2010)

  • Acing Contracts :a checklist approach to contracts law by Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus (Reserve KF801.Z9 D37 2010)
  • Acing Criminal Law :a checklist approach to criminal law by John M. Burkoff (Reserve KF9219.85 .B87 2017)
  • Acing Criminal Procedure :a checklist approach to solving procedural problems by Leslie W. Abramson (Reserve KF9619.85 .A27 2016)
  • Acing Evidence : a checklist approach to solving evidence problems by Aviva Orenstein  (Reserve KF8935.Z9 O74 2016 )
  • Acing Federal Income Tax :a checklist approach to federal income tax by Samuel A. Donaldson (Reserve KF6369 .D66 2008 )
  • Acing Negotiable Instruments : a checklist approach to negotiable instruments by  David J. Leibson  (Reserve  KF957 .L45 2010 )

  • Acing Professional Responsibility :a checklist approach to professional responsibility problems by Leslie W. Abramson (Reserve KF306 .A735 2017 )
  • Acing Property : a checklist approach to solving property problems by Colleen E. Medill  (Reserve  KF560 .M43 2012)
  • Acing the Bar Exam :a checklist approach to taking the bar exam by Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus (Reserve KF303 .D369 2016 )
  • Acing Tort Law : a checklist approach to tort law, Shubha Ghosh  (Reserve  KF1250.Z9 G48 2017 )

Black Letter series

  • Constitutional Law, by Jerome A. Barron, C. Thomas Dienes (Reserve KF4550 .B28 2013)
  • Corporations, by Robert W. Hamilton, Richard A. Booth (Couse Reserve: Greenwood KF1414.3. H348 2014)
  • Criminal Law, by Joshua Dressler (Reserve KF9219.85 .D74 2019)
  •  Environmental Law, by Jeffery M. Gaba (Archives KF3775 .G33 2016)
  • Evidence, by Christopher B. Mueller, Laird C. Kirkpatrick (Reserve KF8935.Z9 M84 2015)
  •  Family Law, by Harry D. Krause, David D. Meyer (Reserve KF505.Z9 K68 2009)
  • Federal Courts, by Donald L. Doernberg, Richard D. Freer, Martin H. Redish (Reserve KF8858 .R43 2017)
  •  Wills, Trusts, and Future Interests, by Lawrence H. Averill, Jr. (Reserve KF753 .A984 2013)

CALI Lessons

CALI lessons are interactive web tutorials created by law school professors that provide guidance on specific subject areas.  These lessons cover both first year class topics as well as a wide range of upper level class topics.  

To use these lessons you must create your own user account using Hofstra's access code (as you did with Bloomberg, Lexis and Westlaw).  You can obtain this access code from the Reference librarian.  

Concepts & Insights series

  •  Agency, Partnerships & LLCs, by Stephen M. Bainbridge (Reserve KF1345.Z9 B24 2019)
  •   Business Organization and Finance: Legal and Economic Principles, by William A. Klein and John C. Coffee, Jr. (Couse Reserve: Greenwood  KF1366. K56 2010)
  • Civil Procedure, by Samuel Issacharoff (Reserve KF8840 .I87 2017)
  • Complex Litigation and Its Alternatives, by Jay Tidmarsh, Roger H. Trangsrud (Reserve KF8900 .T53 2018)
  • Concepts and Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts, by Marvin A. Chirelstein (Reserve KF801 .C44 2013)
  • Corporate Law, by Stephen Bainbridge (Reserve KF1416 .B35 2015)
  • Environmental Law and Policy by James Saltzman and Barton H. Thompson, Jr.  Fifth Edition (Reserve KF3775 .S35 2019)
  • Family Law in Perspective, by Walter Wadlington (Reserve KF505 .W32 2018)
  • Federal Corporate Taxation by Howard E. Abrams and Don A. Leatherman.  Eighth Edition.  (Reserve KF6464 .A73 2020)
  • Federal Income Taxation, by Marvin A. Chirelstein (Reserve KF6369 .C43 2018)
  •  International Law Frameworks, by David J. Bederman (Reserve KZ3110 .B42 2016)
  • International Taxation by Joseph Isenbergh and Bret Wells.  Fourth Edition.  (Reserve KF6419 .I83 2020)

  • Legislation and Statutory Interpretation, William N. Eskridge, Jr. (Reserve KF425 .E834 2006)
  • Professional Responsibility and Regulation, by Deborah L. Rhode (Reserve KF306 .R468 2007)
  • Sales Law: Domestic and International, by Clayton P. Gillette (Reserve KF915 .G55 2016)
  • Securities Law, by Larry D. Soderquist, Theresa A. Gabaldon (Reserve KF1440 .S64 2019)
  • The First Amendment by Daniel Farber.  Fifth Edition. (Reserve KF4770 .F37 2019)
  • Trusts and Estates, by Melanie B. Leslie, Stewart E. Stark (KF753 .L47 2016)

Examples & Explanations series

  • Administrative Law, by William F. Funk, Richard H. Seamon (Reserve KF5402 .F86 2020)
  • Agency, Partnerships, and LLCs, by Daniel S. Kleinberger (Reserve KF1345 .Z9 K6 2017)
  • Antitrust, by Christopher L. Sagers  (Reserve KF1649 .S35 2021)
  •  Bankruptcy & Debtor/Creditor, by Brian A. Blum (Reserve KF1524.85 .B58 2023)
  • Civil Procedure, Joseph W. Glannon (Reserve KF8841.G58 2023)
  • Conflict of Laws, by Michael H. Hoffheimer ( Reserve KF412 .H64 2023)
  •  Constitutional Law – Individual Rights, by Allan Ides, Christopher N. May & Simona Grossi (Reserve KF4749 I34 2022)
  • Constitutional Law--National Power and Federalism, by Christopher N. May, Allan Ides (Reserve KF4550 .M29 2022)
  • Contracts, by Brian A. Blum (Reserve KF801 .B58 2021)
  • Copyright, Stephen M. McJohn (Reserve KF2995 .M35 2021)
  • Corporate Taxation, Cheryl D. Block (Reserve KF6465 .B557 2022)
  • Criminal Law, by Richard G. Singer  (Reserve KF9219.85 .S58 2021)
  • Criminal Procedure – The Constitution and the Police, by Robert M. Bloom and Mark S. Brodin

      (Reserve KF9630 .B578 2020)

  • Criminal Procedure II: From Bail to Jail, by Richard G. Singer (Reserve KF9619.3 .S56 2022)
  • Dispute Resolution, by Michael L. Moffitt and Andrea Kupfer Schneider  (Reserve KF9084 .M655 2020)
  • Employment Discrimination : Examples & Explanations,  Joel  Friedman (Reserve KF3464 .F738 2021)
  • Environmental Law: E & E, Steven Ferrey (Reserve KF3775  .F45 2022)
  • Evidence, by Arthur Best (Reserve KF8935.Z9 B48 2020)
  • Family Law, by Robert E. Oliphant, Nancy Ver Steegh (Reserve KF505.Z9 O43 2019)
  • Federal Courts, by Laura E. Little (Reserve KF8719 l58 2019)
  • Federal Income Tax, by Katherine Pratt, Thomas D. Griffith and Joseph Bankman  (Reserve KF6369.3 .B35 2019)
  • International Law, by Valerie Epps & Lorie Graham (Reserve KZ3410.E67 2014)
  • Intellectual Property, by Stephen M. McJohn (Reserve KF2980 .M42 2021)
  • Legal Research : Examples & Explanations. Terrill Pollman, Jeanne Frazier Price, Linda L. Berger (Reserve KF240 .P65 2017)
  • Legal Writing, by Terrill Pollman and Judith M. Stinson (Reserve KF250 .L398 2019)
  • Legislation, statutory interpretation, and election law : examples and explanations by Richard L. Hasen (Reserve KF4930 .H37 2020)

  • Payment Systems, by James Brook (Reserve KF933 .B76 2013)
  • Professional Responsibility, by W. Bradley Wendel (Reserve KF306 .W46 2020)
  •  Property, Barlow Burke, Joseph Snoe (Reserve KF560.B87 2019)
  • Real Estate Transactions: Examples and Explanations, by Barlow Burke (Reserve KF665.B87 2021)
  • Remedies : Examples & Explanations, Richard L. Hasen (Reserve HF9010 .H37 2017)
  • Sales and Leases, by James Brook (Reserve KF915.Z9 B74 2019)
  • Secured Transactions, James Brook (Reserve KF1053.Z9 B76 2020)
  • Securities Regulation, Alan Palmiter (Reserve KF1440 .P25 2011)
  • The Law of Torts: E & E, Joseph W. Glannon (Reserve KF1250.Z9 G58 2020)
  • Wills, Trusts, and Estates, Gerry W. Beyer (Reserve KF755.Z9 B49 2023)

Emanuel's series

Emanuel's Series (Steven L. Emanuel, author)

  • Criminal Law, Steven L. Emanuel (Reserve KF9219.3 .E45 2021)

Emanuel's Crunch Time Series (Steven L. Emanuel, author)

  • Administrative Law  (Reserve KF8841 .E524 2020)
  • Constitutional Law  (Reserve KF4550 .Z9 E523 2022)
  • Contracts  (Reserve KF801 .Z9 E563 2017)
  • Criminal Law  (Reserve KF9219.3 .E45 2022)
  • Criminal Procedure  (Reserve KF9619.85 .E44 2020)
  • Evidence  (Reserve KF8935 .Z9 E573 2018)

  • Property  (Reserve KF570 .Z9 E43 2017)

  • Torts  (Reserve KF1259 .Z9 E468 2015)

Glannon Guides

  • Glannon Guide to Bankruptcy : learning bankruptcy through multiple-choice questions and analysis by Nathalie Martin & Daniel L. Keating (Reserve KF1524.95 .M368 2023)

  • Glannon Guide to Civil Procedure : learning civil procedure through multiple-choice questions and analysis,  Joseph W. Glannon  (Reserve KF8841 .G59 2019)
  • Glannon Guide to Constitutional Law : Governmental Structure and Powers ; learning constitutional law through multiple-choice questions and analysis, Brannon Padgett Denning (Reserve KF4550.Z9 D45 2019)
  • Glannon Guide to Constitutional Law : Individual Rights and Liberties : learning constitutional law through multiple-choice questions and analysis by Brannon Padgett Denning  ( Reserve KF4750 .D46 2019)
  • Glannon Guide to Contracts : learning contracts through multiple-choice questions and analysis by Theodore Silver  (Reserve KF801.Z9 S49 2019)
  • Glannon Guide to Criminal Law: : learning criminal law through multiple-choice questions and analysis, by Laurie Levenson  (Reserve KF9219.85 L477 2021)
  • Glannon Guide to Criminal Procedure : learning criminal procedure through multiple-choice questions and analysis by  John Kip Cornwell  ( Reserve KF9619.85 .C67 2021)
  • Glannon Guide to Evidence : learning evidence through multiple-choice questions and analysis by Michael Avery  (Reserve KF8935.Z9 A93 2022)
  • Glannon Guide to Professional Responsibility : learning professional responsibility through multiple-choice questions and analysis by Dru Stevenson  (Reserve KF306 .S79 2021)
  • Glannon Guide to Property: : learning property through multiple-choice questions and analysis, James Charles Smith (Reserve KF561 .S627 2022)
  • Glannon Guide to Sales : learning sales through multiple-choice questions and analysis, Scott J. Burnham, Frederick N. and Barbara T. Curley (Reserve KF915 .B875 2018 ) 
  • Glannon Guide to Secured Transactions : learning secured transactions through multiple-choice questions and analysis by Scott J. Burnham  (Reserve KF1050.Z9 B87 2021)
  • Glannon Guide to Torts: learning torts through multiple-choice questions and analysis, Richard L. Hasen (Reserve KF1250.Z9 H375 2030)

Online Study Guides


Subjects covered include Administrative Law, Bar Exam Success, Business Organizations - Corporations, Career Success, Civil Procedure, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Family Law, Legal Research and Writing, Professional Responsibility/Ethics, Property, Tax, Torts, Trusts and Estates

Lexis Online Study Aids

Subjects covered include Administrative Law, Bankruptcy, Business Associations, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Procedure, Employment Discrimination, Evidence, Professional Responsibility, Secured Transactions, Wills, Trusts & Estates.

Questions & Answers [linked titles are available electronically]

  • Questions & Answers : Administrative Law  by Linda D. Jellum, Karen A. Jordan  (Reserve KF5402 .W43 2015 )  
  • Questions & Answers: Antitrust : multiple-choice and short-answer questions and answers by Shubha Ghosh (Reserve KF1649 .G48 2013)

  • Questions & Answers : Bankruptcy ,  Bruce A. Markell, Mary Jo Wiggins  (Reserve KF1524 .Q84 2010 ) 
  • Questions & Answers : Copyright Law,  David Fagundes, Robert C. Lind  (Reserve KF2995 .F34 2018)
  • Questions & Answers: Criminal Law, by Emily Marcus Levine (Reserve KF9219.5 .L485 2012)  
  • Questions & Answers : Criminal Procedure I & II by Lewis R. Katz (Reserve KF9619.85.K38 2009)
  • Questions & Answers : Criminal Procedure: Police Investigation by Wayne A. Logan (Reserve KF9619.85 .C844 2021)
  • Questions & Answers : Environmental Law by Dru Stevenson (Reserve KF3775.Z9 S74 2007)
  • Questions & Answers: Evidence: Multiple Choice And Short Answer Questions and Answers by Paul C. Giannelli (Reserve KF8935.Z9 L46 2018)
  • Questions & Answers : Family Law  by Mark Philip Strasser (Reserve KF505.Z9 S77 2022)
  • Questions & Answers : Federal Estate & Gift Taxation by James M. Delaney & Elaine Hightower Gagliardi (Reserve KF6572 .D45 2019)
  • Questions & Answers : Federal Income Tax  by James M. Delaney (Reserve KF6369.5.C36 2019)
  • Questions & Answers : Health Law by Melissa B. Alexander & Deborah R. Farringer (Reserve KF3775 .A94 2024)
  • Questions & Answers : Intellectual Property by Gary Myers & Lee Ann W. Lockridge (Reserve KF2980.M94 2020)
  • Questions & Answers : International Law by Rebecca M. Bratspies (Reserve KZ3910.B72 2011)
  • Questions & Answers : Patent Law by Cynthia M. Ho (Reserve KF3114.85.H62 2007)
  • Questions & Answers : Payment Systems by Gregory E. Maggs (Reserve KF827.Z9 M34 2003)
  • Questions & Answers : Property by John Copeland Nagle and Donald J. Kochan  (Reserve KF570.N34 2022)
  • Questions & Answers : Remedies by Rachel M. Janutis (Reserve KF9010.Z9 J36 2007)
  • Questions & Answers : Secured Transactions  by Bruce A. Markell  (Reserve KF1050.Z9 M37 2018)
  • Questions & Answers : Taxation of Business Entities by Kristofer Neslund (Reserve KF6450.N458 2011)
  • Questions & Answers : The First Amendment by Russell L. Weaver, William D. Araiza (Reserve KF4770.W427 2015)
  • Questions & Answers: Torts, Anita Bernstein (Reserve KF1250.Z9 B47 2018)
  • Questions & Answers : Trademark & Unfair Competition by Vincent F. Chiappetta (Reserve KF3180.Z9 C47 2007)

Short and Happy series

  • A Short & Happy Guide to Being a Law Student : a daily companion for law school, practice and life by Paula A. Franzese, Peter W. Rodino  (Reserve KF283 .F735 2014 )

  • A Short and Happy Guide to Being a Lawyer by Kenney F. Hegland, Paul D. Bennett  (Reserve KF300 .H44 2012 )

  • A Short & Happy Guide to Civil Procedure by Richard D. Freer.  Second Edition.  (Reserve KF8841 .F74 2019)

  • A Short & Happy Guide to Constitutional Law by Mark C. Alexander.  Second Edition.  (Reserve KF4550 .Z9 A37 2019)

  • A Short & Happy Guide to Contracts by David G. Epstein, Bruce A. Markell & Lawrence Ponoroff.  Second Edition.  (Reserve KF801 .Z9 E574 2019)

  • A Short and Happy Guide to Elder Law by Kenney F. Hegland  (Reserve  KF390 .A4 H445 2013 )

  • A Short & Happy Guide to Mediation  by Will Pryor (Reserve KF9084 .P79 2014 )

  • A Short and Happy Guide to Property  by Paula A. Franzese  (Reserve KF570 .Z9 F728 2012 )

  • A Short & Happy Guide to Torts by Roger E. Schechter  (Reserve KF1250.Z9 S34 2012)

Skills & Values

  • Skills & Values. Administrative law. Alfred C. Aman, Jr., William Penniman  ( Reserve KF5402 .A84 2012 )
  • Skills & Values. Alternative dispute resolution : negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, and arbitration. John Burwell Garvey & Charles B. Craver (Reserve KF9084 .G37 2021)
  • Skills & Values. Civil procedure. Catherine Ross Dunham, Don C. Peters  (Law Classified KF8840 .D86 2013 )
  • Skills & Values. Constitutional law  William D. Araiza ( Reserve KF4550.Z9 A47 2013  )
  • Skills & Values. Contracts.  William J. Woodward, Jr., Candace M. Zierdt  ( Law Classified KF801.Z9 W66 2015 )
  • Skills & Values. Criminal Law  Andrew E. Taslitz, Lenese C. Herbert, Eda Katharine Tinto  ( Reserve KF9219 .T37 2014  )
  • Skills & Values. Criminal Procedure  Susan L. Kay, William M. Cohen.  ( Reserve KF9619.85 .K385 2012  )
  • Skills & Values. Discovery practice.  David I.C. Thomson  (Law Classified KF8900 .T48 2017)
  • Skills & Values. Evidence. John B. Mitchell, Rick T. Barron  ( Law Classified KF8935.Z9 M58 2012  )
  • Skills and values. Family law  Justine A. Dunlap   ( Reserve KF505.Z9 D86 2018 )
  • Skills & Values. Intellectual property  Courtney G. Lytle.  ( Reserve KF2980 .L94 2011  )
  • Skills & Values. Lawyering process : legal writing and oral advocacy.  David I.C. Thomson  ( Law Classified KF250 .T49 2017 )
  • Skills & Values. Legal negotiating. Charles B. Craver.  ( Law Classified KF9084 .C73 2020)
  • Skills & Values. Property law  Brian D. Shannon, Gerry W. Beyer.  ( Reserve   KF570.Z9 S526 2012  )
  • Skills & Values. The First Amendment  Charles W. Rhodes, Paul E. McGreal  ( Reserve  KF4770 .B39 2021 )
  • Skills & Values. Torts  Christine D. Ver Ploeg, Peter B. Knapp.  (Reserve KF1250.Z9 2011 )
  • Skills & Values. Trusts and estates. Roger W. Andersen, Karen E. Boxx  (Law Classified KF753 .A86 2009  )

Sum & Substance Audio Series

Audio Guides - available online , except where otherwise noted.

  • Bankruptcy  , Epstein 
  • Civil Procedure, Miller
  •  Conflict of Laws, Fischer
  • Constitutional Law, Cheh
  • Contracts, Whaley 
  •  Corporations, Cox
  • Criminal Law, Dressler
  • Criminal Procedure, Dressler
  • Entertainment Law   Burr
  • Evidence, Goode
  • Exam Skills, Bracci
  • Family Law, Perlin
  • Federal Income Taxation, Doti
  •  First Amendment, Weaver
  • How to Succeed in Law School  Dzienkowski
  • Intellectual Property, Thomas
  •  International Law, Burr
  • Legal Job Interviewing & Effective Networking, Hermann 
  • Legal Research   Berring
  • Payment Systems  Rusch
  • Preparing for a Job Search & Career Transition, Hermann
  • Products LIability  Finz
  • Professional Responsibility  Dzienkowski
  • Property, Juergensmeyer
  • Sale and Lease of Goods, Whaley
  • Securities Regulation  Cox
  • Torts   Finz
  • Wills & Trusts, Beyer

Understanding series

  • Understanding Administrative Law, by Kristine E. Hickman. (Reserve KF5402 .F68 2022)
  • Understanding Antitrust and its Economic Implications, by E. Thomas Sullivan, Jeffrey L. Harrison (Reserve KF1649 .S89 2019)
  • Understanding Bankruptcy by Jeff Ferriell, Edward J. Janger  (Reserve .KF1524 .F47 2019)
  • Understanding Capital Punishment Law, by Linda E. Carter, Ellen Kreitzberg (Reserve KF9227.C2 C37 2018)
  • Understanding Civil Procedure, by Gene R. Shreve, Peter Raven-Hansen (Reserve  KF8840 .S484 2024)
  • Understanding Civil Rights Litigation by Howard M. Wasserman  (Reserve KF4749 .W38 2023)
  • Understanding Conflict of Laws, William M. Richman, William L. Reynolds (Reserve: Ku  KF 411.R53 2013)
  • Understanding Contracts, by Jeffrey T. Ferriell  (Reserve KF801.Z9 F46 2018)
  • Understanding Copyright Law, by Marshall A. Leaffer (Reserve KF2994 .L43 2019)
  • Understanding Corporate Law,  by Arthur R. Pinto, Douglas M. Branson (KF1414.P56 2023)
  • Understanding Corporate Taxation by Leandra Lederman & Michelle Kwon  (Reserve  KF6464 .L426 2020)  
  • Understanding Criminal Law, by Joshua Dressler (Reserve KF9219 .D74 2022)
  • Understanding Criminal Procedure vol 1: Investigation, by Joshua Dressler and Allan C. Michaels (Reserve KF9619 .D74 2021)
  • Understanding Criminal Procedure vol 2: Adjudication, by Joshua Dressler, Allan C. Michaels, and Ric Simmons (Reserve KF9619 .D741 2024)
  • Understanding Disability Law by Mark C. Weber (Reserve KF480 .W433 2024)
  • Understanding Employee Benefits Law, by Kathryn L. Moore (Reserve KF3590 .M66 2020)
  • Understanding Employment Law by Jeffrey M. Hirsch  (Reserve  KF3455 .B354 2013)
  • Understanding Environmental Law  by  Philip Weinberg and Kevin A. Reilly  (Reserve KF3775 .W45 2022 )
  • Understanding Estate and Gift Taxation by Brant J. Hellwig  (Law Classified  KF6572 .H455 2024)
  • Understanding Evidence, by Paul C. Giannelli (Reserve KF8935 .G52 2023)
  • Understanding Family Law, by John De Witt Gregory et al. (Reserve KF505 .G734 2013)
  • Understanding Federal Courts and Jurisdiction by Linda Mullenix  (Reserve KF8719 .M88 2015)
  • Understanding Federal Income Taxation by J. Martin Burke  (Reserve   KF6369.85 .B87 2023)
  • Understanding Immigration Law  by Kevin R. Johnson, Raquel Aldana, Bill Ong Hing, Leticia M. Saucedo, Enid Trucios-Haynes (Reserve KF4819 .U53 2019)
  • Understanding Insurance Law, by Robert H. Jerry, II. (KF1164 .J47 2018)
  • Understanding Intellectual Property Law by Tyler Ochoa, Shubha Ghosh and Mary LaFrance  (Reserve KF2979 .C478 2020)
  • Understanding International Business and Financial Transactions by Jerold A. Friedland.  (Reserve KF390.B8 F75 2014)
  • Understanding International Criminal Law, by Ellen S. Podgor (Reserve K5015.4 .P63 2022)
  • Understanding International Law, by Stephen C. McCaffrey  (Reserve KZ3410 .M397 2021)
  • Understanding Islamic Law : Sharīʻa by Raj Bhala   (Reserve  KBP144 .B49 2011)
  • Understanding Jewish Law by Steven H. Resnicoff  (Reserve  KBM524 .R47 2019 )
  • Understanding Juvenile Law by  Martin R. Gardner  (Reserve  KF9780 .G37 2018 )
  • Understanding Labor Law, by Douglas E. Ray et al. (Reserve KF3369 .R388 2019)
  • Understanding Lawyers' Ethics, by Monroe H. Freedman and Abbe Smith (Reserve KF306 .F76 2023)
  • Understanding Modern Real Estate Transactions, by Alex M. Johnson, Jr. (Reserve KF665.Z9 J638 2012)
  • Understanding Negotiable Instruments and Payment Systems, by William H. Lawrence (Reserve KF957 .L394 2019)
  • Understanding Nonprofit and Tax Exempt Organizations by Nicholas P. Cafardi, Jaclyn Fabean Cherry  (Reserve KF6449 .C345 2012)
  • Understanding Partnership and LLC Taxation by Jerold Friedland  (Reserve KF6452 .F764 2022)
  • Understanding Patent Law by  Amy L. Landers    (Reserve   KF3114 .L36 2012 ) Understanding Property Law, by John G. Sprankling (Reserve KF561 .S67 2016)
  • Understanding Remedies, by James M. Fischer (Reserve KF9010 .F57 2021)
  • Understanding Sales and Leases of Goods by William H. Henning  (Reserve  KF915 .L395 2016 )
  • Understanding Securities Law, by Marc I. Steinberg  (Reserve KF1440 .S74 2023)
  • Understanding the First Amendment,  Russell L. Weaver (Reserve KF4770 .W43 2020)
  • Understanding the Law of Terrorism, by Erik Luna and Wayne McCormack (Reserve KF9430 .M33 2014)
  • Understanding the Law of Zoning and Land Use Controls by Barlow Burke (Reserve KF5698 .B87 2013)
  • Understanding Products Liability Law by Bruce L. Ottle, et. al  (Reserve KF1296 .K54 2013)
  • Understanding Sports Law by Timothy Davis and N. Jeremi Duru (Reserve KF3989 .D38 2022)
  • Understanding Taxation of Business Entities by Walter D. Schwidetzky and Fred B. Brown (Reserve  KF6450 .S39 2021 )
  • Understanding Torts, by John L. Diamond, et. al (Reserve KF1250 .D5 2023)
  • Understanding Trademark Law by  Mary LaFrance   (Reserve   KF3180 .L34 2020)
  • Understanding Trade Secret Law, by John G. Sprankling and Thomas G. Sprankling (Reserve KF3197 .S67 2020)  
  • Understanding Trusts and Estates, by Roger W. Andersen & Susan N. Gary (Reserve KF730 .A86 2023)
  • Understanding White Collar Crime, by  J. Kelly Strader  (Reserve KF9350 .S773 2017)

Uniform Bar Exam review series (Rigos primer series)

  • Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) Review vol. 1 and 2 (Reserve KF303 .M8585 2018)

  • Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) Review (Reserve KF303 .M8584 2018)

  • Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Review  (Reserve KF303 .M85851 2018)

  • Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) Review  (Reserve KF306 .M8586 2018)

Subject Guide

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Kevin Shelton
Kevin Shelton l Reference & Government Documents Librarian

Law Library l 122 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549