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Study Guides: Intellectual Property

This is a list of Study Guides for preparing for law school exams that are available at the Law Library.

Intellectual Property Study Guides

  • Copyright, Stephen M. McJohn (Reserve KF2995 .M35 2019)  (EE)
  • Intellectual Property, by Stephen M. McJohn (Reserve KF2980 .M42 2021) [E&E]
  • Questions & Answers : Copyright Law by David Fagundes, Robert C. Lind (Reserve KF2995.F34 2018)
  • Questions & Answers : Intellectual Property by Gary Myers, Lee Ann W. Lockridge (Reserve KF2980.M94 2014)
  • Questions & Answers : Patent Law by Cynthia M. Ho (Reserve KF3114.85.H62 2007)
  • Skills & Values. Intellectual property  Courtney G. Lytle.  (Reserve KF2980 .L94 2011  )
  • Understanding Copyright Law, by Marshall A. Leaffer (Reserve KF2994 .L43 2019)
  •  Understanding Intellectual Property Law by Tyler Ochoa, Shubha Ghosh and Mary LaFrance  (Reserve KF2979 .C478 2019)
  • Understanding Patent Law by  Amy L. Landers (Reserve   KF3114 .L36 2012 ) 
  • Understanding Trademark Law by  Mary LaFrance   (Reserve   KF3180 .L34 2020)


EE=Examples and Explanations ; S&S=Sum & Substance

Use the catalog search box, above, to check availability.  Newer editions may have been acquired and location may have changed.