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Legal Forms

The purpose of this guide is to help users find model forms available at the Maurice A. Deane Law Library, on subscription databases, and on the Internet.

Finding Forms on Lexis Advance

To find a form on LexisNexis, click on "Find a Source" and enter your search terms.  For example, "forms" and [your topic].  Or,  click on the relevant area of law under "Area of Law by Topic;" scroll down to "Search Forms & Drafting Instructions."

To find a form on Lexis Advance:

  1. Browse sources: Click on "Browse Sources" link located above the red search box.
  2. Search by title:  Click on "Browse Sources" link located above the red search box.  If you know the title of the source, enter it into the "search sources" box on the left, then, click OK.
  3. Terms and connectors search: Go to the first tab under the red search box. Click the down arrow on right, a content typ box will apear.  Select "forms," then, click OK. Enter terms and connectors into the search box.


LexisNexis/ Lexis Advance

Lexis Forms


Major Sets

  • Current Legal Forms, with Tax Analysis, Rabkin and Johnson - Lexis Advance


  • Bankruptcy Deskbook -Lexis Advance
  • Collier on Bankruptcy - Lexis Advance


  • Organizing Corporate and Other Business Enterprises -Lexis Advance
  • Warren’s Forms of Agreements, Business Forms -Lexis Advance
  • Uniform Commercial Code - Lexis Advance


  • Modern Federal Jury Instructions - Lexis Advance

Entertainment Law

  • Entertainment Industry Contracts: Negotiating and Drafting Guide - Lexis Advance

Family Law

  • Lindey and Parley on Separation Agreements & Antenuptial Contracts -Lexis Advance
  • Modern Child Custody Practice -Lexis Advance 
  • Family Law and Practice -Lexis Advance 
  • Child Custody and Visitation, Law and Practice -Lexis Advance 

Intellectual Property

  • Nimmer on Copyright - Lexis Advance 

Practice and Procedure

  • Benders Forms of Discovery K-Lexis Advance 
  • Benders Federal Practice Forms -Lexis Advance 


  • Real Estate Financing: Text, Forms, Tax Analysis -Lexis Advance 

Trusts & Estates

  • Living Trusts: Forms and Practice - Lexis Advance 
  • Murphy’s Will Clauses: Annotations and Forms with Tax Effects - Lexis Advance 

Miscellaneous Forms

  • Education Law -Lexis Advance
  • Employee Rights Litigation: Pleading and Practice -Lexis Advance 
  • Environmental Law Forms Guide -Lexis Advance