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Legal Forms

The purpose of this guide is to help users find model forms available at the Maurice A. Deane Law Library, on subscription databases, and on the Internet.

Comprehensive Sets

  • American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d ; Westlaw. Arranged alphabetically, each title contains form drafting guides, notes on use, and  sample forms.  There is also a separate Federal Tax Guide to Legal Forms.
  • Basic Legal Forms, with Commentary  KF170 H8; Westlaw. Provides sample documents with commentary for many types of legal arrangements, including sales, commercial paper and credit instruments, organizing and operating businesses, real estate, computer software, wills and trusts, marital and family arrangements, alternative dispute resolution, and charitable gift.
  • Basic Legal Transactions; Westlaw. Provides assistance with transactions in the areas of real estate, corporations and partnerships, wills and trusts, and family law. It includes hundreds of model forms, agreements, and checklists.

Federal Practice

  • Bender's Federal Practice Forms ; Lexis Advance. Multi-volume set provides a comprehensive set of forms needed for practice in federal court.  All of the forms are located in chapters based on the controlling procedural rules.
  • Federal Procedural Forms; Westlaw. Provides step-by-step guidance in drafting forms for proceedings before federal courts and administrative agencies, including extensive procedural checklists, "how to" text, and convenient practice aids.
  • West's Federal Forms; Westlaw. This companion set to Federal Practice and Procedure provides extensive federal procedural forms, with commentary, arranged by type of proceeding and the particular court to which they pertain.

New York Practice